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Medical Travel in Barcelona

Based at the new Quiron hospital in Barcelona, the Barcelona Spine Center has been successfully consulting and treating international patients with debilitating back conditions since 2008.

The Centre’s co founder and lead Neurosurgeon Dr Pablo Clavel established the Spine Center to provide international patients with access to the latest in spine treatments.  Aware that procedures available in Spain may not yet be available or are unaffordable in many countries, Dr Clavel offers those pursuing spinal treatment abroad, quality procedures and care at affordable and realistic costs here in Barcelona.

Due to Dr Clavel’s experience and skills in minimally invasive spinal surgery and the results he has achieved in particular with cervical artificial disc replacement surgery (ADR), Dr Clavel has become a preferred and trusted reference in spine surgery.

Qualified and experienced in performing motion preserving Lumbar and Cervical ADR at multiple levels, Dr Clavel provides patients with a possible alternative to traditional fusion/fixation surgery and a real chance of returning to a more active lifestyle.

As Dr Clavel explains, for the ideal candidate, Cervical and Lumbar ADR offers certain advantages over fusion surgery, some of which include:

-       Preservation of the mechanical movement of the joint and the prevention of adjacent disc degeneration

-       Greater reduction in nerve damage risk due to lack of nerve manipulation during surgery

-       Anterior surgical approach greatly reduces post operative pain as the need to cut back muscles is eliminated.

-       Faster return to daily life and in resuming activities enjoyed prior to pain.



British Fashion Council NEWGEN MEN designer support initiative

The BFC, British Fashion Council, has announced that sponsorship is to be given to 8 of the most exciting and emerging talents in menswear in London. This will come from its designer support initiative known as NEWGEN MEN, which is sponsored by TOPMAN. The recipient will each receive both business support and the opportunity to use BFC’s official venue to hold either a presentation, installation or catwalk show during LFW.


LFW, London fashion Week, has a dedicated menswear day on Wednesday February 22nd and this is when the recipients of the sponsorship will be able to showcase their talents. The names have been announced of those who will be benefit from the NEWGEN MEN sponsorship for the Autumn/Winter 2012 season.

Those who will receive the catwalk sponsorship and get to display their wares in the BFC show space are J.W. Anderson and Christopher Shannon. Martine Rose, Matthew Miller and Lou Dalton are to receive sponsorship in the Salon show Presentation category and the lucky recipients of the Installation sponsorship, which will take place in the East Wing at Somerset House are SIBLING, Bunney and Christopher Raeburn.

The NEWGEN MEN initiative first started back in September 2009, and continued to build on the success of the joint TOPMAN and Fashion East MAN initiative. Since then it has become a key player in raising the profiles of emerging British fashion designers by allowing them to showcase their work on Menswear Day at LFW.

Apart from sponsorship, the initiative also offers its recipients tailored mentor and business support, with the aim being to both increase the success of the business commercially as well as building important relations with key buyers and press. NEWGEN MEN  is continuing to promote the best British menswear talent and this is the fifth season it has done so, thanks to the dedicated and ongoing support given by TOPMAN.

Tim Banks is a contributing editor and member of the BFC’s Menswear committee, and he has said that the breadth of talent in Menswear design in London is truly inspiring, but now it’s time to also explore the depth, and beneath the names that are already familiar, there is a platoon of newbies waiting for their chance to shine. He added that this was more than evolution it was undeniable maturity and his advice was ‘watch out world!’.

The design director for TOPMAN, Gordon Richardson, was also on the panel of selectors, and he said that the combination of new young talent made this years selection very exciting indeed.

Article Courtesy of Bunnyhug

The Christmas Sweater

With the big day just around the corner, perhaps many of us are dreading the inevitably terrible Christmas sweater that’s destined to appear, nestled stealthily among our presents. It evokes scenes from Harry Potter and even the wonderfully awkward reindeer sweater worn by Colin Firth in Bridget Jones, and always results in that soul-crushing moment where you have to pretend that you’re grateful.

But some of us have started to break out of the mould and are embracing the woollen nightmares for what they represent; a complete oblivion of style but a world of comfort and warmth. And among those of us who take any excuse to have a drink, a novel idea presents itself – a Christmas sweater party!

This works on so many levels; everyone looks like an idiot, everyone has a good time looking like an idiot, and the dreaded sweater finally becomes something worn out of choice and a useful clothing item. Prizes can be given for worst sweater (shots work), and sweater swaps are a common feature.

Of course, this is in a big way down to how self-confident you can be – or how crafty. If you can live with photos of you in a Christmas sweater forever tainting your Facebook page, then more power to you;or if you can avoid the photos altogether, you still come out of the situation a winner!

So maybe it’s not for everyone. But at least we can say that at long last, society has found a use for the perpetual sweater – and I say, roll on the sweater parties! Perhaps you might even consider hosting one a positive step to help achieve your 100. Merry Christmas.

Mens’ Fashion

Oh I despair with modern society!

Now before you cast me as an old fuddy duddy please let me explain. A few years back I was in the USA over Christmas and New Year. We were invited out to a New Year’s Ball to a very, and I mean VERY swanky Golf and Country Club. Knowing about this in advance I had packed in my tuxedo amongst my beach shorts!

Come the evening of the event we were all very excited getting ready, the girls all in their finery looking extremely glamorous and the men equally well dressed. So off we go to the ball. Arriving we soon realised that whilst we weren’t the only ones, we were certainly in the minority of the few people who had bothered to make the effort and dressed for the occasion. Most were what we call now as smart casual. Whilst it didn’t spoil the evening it certainly reduced the glamour and excitement of the event.

I think it was on the same trip, we went on what was my first, and last, cruise. We were invited to the ‘Captain’s Dinner’ and just like the New Year’s Eve we were busy dressing ourselves pre-dinner in all our finery. Only to arrive with what seemed to be a few thousand middle aged, overweight Americans with their Hawaii beach shirts and shorts plus wives in goodness knows what attire! No disrespect to our American cousins but they never have dressed particularly well, you only have to look at what they wear to play or watch golf, but as always what starts over in the US inevitably comes to this country.


Now look at us? Where I used to wear my dinner suit maybe a dozen times a year, now it is probably once a year. If I go out to a Restaurant in the Wirral or wherever I never dress up. What used to be an ‘event’ is no longer so. What used to be glamorous and exciting is now mundane. I blame this on our society’s relaxed dress attitude.


I am not blaming women’s fashion, you can look across any Wirral Restaurant and you will see many very attractive women beautifully dressed but look at the men, how they are dressed! Most look like they have come straight from a football match and can’t be bothered how they look. I have never understood a shirt not being tucked in…other than the fat bloke disguising his beer belly…the same one that shaves off all his remaining hair to hide his baldness. But we’re not fooled so why should we copy? As for the fashion of showing men’s undergarments, I ask you? Equally I do not want women doing an impression of my local builder with the most disgusting of all lingerie, the thong!

Come on girls show us the way, put your foot down and make us men bring back glamour.

by Phil Hendon

A Brief Overview of Diamond Rings

Gold, silver, platinum jewelleries may be beautiful but diamonds hold a different charm, grace and appeal for the jewellery lovers. In the choice of rings, diamond rings rank topmost because of the unmatched beauty and spark of this brilliant stone.

There are different designs of diamond rings and for various occasions too. Let us know about them:

  • Anniversary rings and bands- This is the most alluring piece of diamond jewellery. You can choose a diamond ring consisting of a single stone or a band designed with many diamonds set in a row. A perfect way to express your love, anniversary rings and bands have touched sky-high popularity.
  • Floral rings- Looking at the floral rings is like looking at the thousands of diamonds blooming in the garden. The floral ring collection is wide and very attractive with unique designs. These diamond rings are suitable for every occasion, be it anniversary, engagement or birthday.
  • Solitaire rings- If you are looking for stylish and sophisticated diamond rings, solitaire rings are the best choice. The shine, spark and the dazzling effect of the solitaire rings distinguish them apart from the other designs.
  • Fashion rings- Awide variety of trendy, stylish and amazing diamond rings named fashion rings are to be found to suit the individual style and taste.
  • Antique rings- Antique diamond rings are treasured for their unique appeal and excellent craftsmanship. Antique rings are mostly selected for the occasion of engagement.

When you are buying diamond rings, you have to be sure of the quality of the diamond ring. You should check the craftsmanship of the stone to satisfy yourself of its authenticity. Always look for a reputed and reliable jewellery store in order to buy good quality diamond rings. You can also ask the jeweller about the quality and authenticity of this brilliant gemstone.


Bring Perfection in your Looks by Wearing Sherri Hill Designer Evening Gowns

Sherri Hill is a name of repute in the arena of fashion. Since a very young age she started designing unique pieces of clothes for the fashion-savvy people. There is no doubt in the fact that Sheri’s ready-to-wear, customized collection symbolizes the fashionable lifestyle of modern ladies. You can wear her designed clothes at any occasion. Be it an award ceremony, a cocktail party, a fancy dress competition or any other social gathering, Sherri Hill’s collection is definitely going to suit your interest.

Sherri has mainly proven her expertise in special occasion dressing. It is believed that her iconic design has brought the Hill collection loads of applause and appreciation. In today’s fashion world Sherri Hill’s collection is considered to be one of the most prestigious creations.

It has been found out that each of the pieces of Sherri Hill designer evening gowns are designed to the highest standard. Her creative collection ranges from lavish fabrics to innovative silhouettes. Initially, Sherri started her career designing limited pieces of garments but with the course of time as demand for such fashion products are increasing and people are also becoming highly conscious about fashion Sherri Hill is concentrating on the quantity along with the quality.

These days, Sherri Hill’s designer garments can be found from different fashion outlets. So, if you want to buy a dress you can visit those stores. Now, if you want to know from which nearest store these products are sold you can search online. There you will get all the details regarding the store’s location and their collections. In fact, if time does not permit you can better go for shopping online. This is not only less time-consuming but also saves your energy from unnecessary hazards.

Nowadays, from almost every fashion portals, products get sold. So, find out any such authentic e-store and try out shopping products of your own choice. Hope it will give you a pleasant and unforgettable experience but while doing online shopping never forget to check the authenticity of the payment gateway or else it may trap you into trouble. So, consider these factors and make the entire process smooth and enjoyable.

Wear Elegant Cocktail Dresses and Look Ravishing

For different occasions different types of clothes are worn. If you are attending an office party you should better go for formal wear, whereas, if you have to attend a friends’ gathering you can opt out for casual wear and if you have a plan to attend a cocktail party try wearing fashionable cocktail dresses.

Cocktail dresses are mostly worn at the semi formal occasions. We all know that cocktail parties are quite special occasion so you also need to wear special dresses to look different from others. Now, if it is the first time and you are highly confused about how to dress you can go through the following steps.

First be sure about your shape so that you can buy garment, which will look perfectly fitted.

Try to select simple dresses. Cocktail parties are organized so that you can interact with each other in a friendly ambiance. So, you do not have to give much focus on your dress. Just try to remain trendy and stylish. Most of the cocktail dresses are short in length so avoid wearing full-length garment in such occasions.

Try to avoid wearing too much accessories. This will make you look messy, instead choose a few elegant pieces for your neck and ear. Hair adornments should also be selected with much care.

These days finding out a good collection of cocktail dress is not at all a difficult job. So, visit some fashion outlets, from where elegant cocktail dresses are sold and buy staff according to your own choice and affordability or else you can also browse through some reputed fashion websites. Hope, it will give you enough information about the branded cocktail dresses. So, do not waste time in hesitation.

Find out some authentic resources and gather information on this topic so that if ever you get invited in a cocktail party you do not get confused. You can choose any type of attire for such occasions but always make sure that it will give your appearance elegance and sophistication. This is because; it is the only way to stand out of the crowd and to get

Finding your style

Guest Post: Nick of Hipsterstores.com

“It surprises me every time I hear someone say that he/she can’t find anything that fits him/her.

I personally consider this impossible-  it just requires a bit of time and effort. There is something for everyone no matter what your style.

No hipster stores around? Well, come on guys, we are living in a commercial world. If there is something we certainly aren’t lacking- its shops! Not only that- with the development of the internet trade you can literally buy anything at anytime these days (finance depending of course!)

Often the problem is with the individual. We dont always know how to express ourselves and therefore we often find it difficult to specify what we want. Well thats not that big of a deal- it takes time for a person to figure out their taste in fashion- and thats why we have the internet.

There’s a whole bunch of websites and blogs offering fashion advice and buying tips. Shoe stores, custom
printed t-shirts, hipster stores – anything you can think of.

So, you CAN find what fits you, you just need to take the time to look around and figure out your own style.”

The art of Pretense


Adjective: Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, clothes, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.

hipster Pictures, Images and Photos

Fashion is ambiguous at the best of times, at the worst, it is just a plain mess. The point is that anything goes as the borders blur and ‘fashion’ is no longer be called, ‘fashion’. It has to be art, right? Fashion implies that there is a trend which can be integrated into the main stream easily. But when did it become right for fashion to get away with anything it wants? I throw around the term ‘pretentious’ a lot but I reserve special rants for the fashion industry. For me, you cannot be individual in fashion. The world is too big with too many people for that. These days, not following any sort of trend is the only way to be individual.

Take for example ‘hipster’ fashion. It started off with someone taking a trend and then twisting it to make it their own. It could have been called individual for about one day. Then the high street caught on and it became a mass trend. It is pretentious because people think they are actually being unique. It also looks like you are trying to hard. On the other hand, we all fall victims to it at some point. Not everyone has a designer budget so the high street and vintage is the only other options. But of course vintage can no longer be seen as ‘individual’ anymore either as it has become fashionable as well with every other person you meet explaining ‘It’s vintage’.

So is there really nothing that you can do to express your individuality? I suggest giving off a great personality. Cliched but true, a smile is a hundred times more expressionate than a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes. And the way you talk and interact with people says more about a person’s individuality than any fashion choice.

Outfits that deliver a professional outlook during training

Money is tight everywhere, and executive education is certainly no exception. Pressure is mounting on business schools to show more direct and systematic evidence of a program’s impact on either the company or the individual manager. Promises no longer suffice; senior executives responsible for financing such programs want an objective assessment of what attending an executive education program actually achieves. So what about if you could achieve this through what you wear and how you accessorize while training? Be sure to come across as formal but at the same time open. You can still wear that suit but why not add a bit of colour to your outfit? This gives you and your look a bit more personality than just a boring black and white suit.

Today, the impact of executive education programs isn’t measured, because measuring it is difficult and risky—you could find out the programs aren’t working. But if business schools are going to deliver what the market wants—programs that deliver actual results—they’re going to have to step into uncharted territory and embrace that risk.

While the individuals sponsoring executive education want to see direct results, many in the HR community are satisfied by simply observing the program development and participating in the learning process during the program itself. Many rely on post-program evaluations by the executives who participated. How you present yourself really matters when giving presentations. Wear heels to look tall and confident and always remember to shine your shoes. Make sure your hair does not look messy and if you wear make up make sure it is in place.

However, theoretical evidence suggests that behavioral changes at the workplace require multiple points of reflection, multiple sources of feedback, linking a program’s learning to an organizational necessity such as project work, linking program learning outcomes to internal company systems, and providing a supportive technology infrastructure for networking and internal knowledge sharing.

Based on article written by Professor Bettina Büechel in May 2009
Bettina Büechel teaches Orchestrating Winning Performance at IMD