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Mens’ Fashion

Oh I despair with modern society! Now before you cast me as an old fuddy duddy please let me explain. A few years back I was in the USA over Christmas and New Year. We were invited out to a New Year’s Ball to a very, and I mean VERY swanky Golf and Country Club. [...]

A Brief Overview of Diamond Rings

Gold, silver, platinum jewelleries may be beautiful but diamonds hold a different charm, grace and appeal for the jewellery lovers. In the choice of rings, diamond rings rank topmost because of the unmatched beauty and spark of this brilliant stone. There are different designs of diamond rings and for various occasions too. Let us know [...]

Wear Elegant Cocktail Dresses and Look Ravishing

For different occasions different types of clothes are worn. If you are attending an office party you should better go for formal wear, whereas, if you have to attend a friends’ gathering you can opt out for casual wear and if you have a plan to attend a cocktail party try wearing fashionable cocktail dresses. [...]

Finding your style

Guest Post: Nick of Hipsterstores.com “It surprises me every time I hear someone say that he/she can’t find anything that fits him/her. I personally consider this impossible-  it just requires a bit of time and effort. There is something for everyone no matter what your style. No hipster stores around? Well, come on guys, we [...]

The art of Pretense

Pretentious: Adjective: Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, clothes, culture, etc., than is actually possessed. Fashion is ambiguous at the best of times, at the worst, it is just a plain mess. The point is that anything goes as the borders blur and ‘fashion’ is no longer be called, ‘fashion’. It has to be [...]

Outfits that deliver a professional outlook during training

Money is tight everywhere, and executive education is certainly no exception. Pressure is mounting on business schools to show more direct and systematic evidence of a program’s impact on either the company or the individual manager. Promises no longer suffice; senior executives responsible for financing such programs want an objective assessment of what attending an [...]

New season, new handbag?

Get Superb handbags at Superb Prices. We carry many fine brands like Anuschka Handbags and wallets are each individually hand crafted and handpainted. Each Anuschka products needs to pass a quality spot check before they are sold to the public. Rioni handbags and wallets are made of fine Italian leather. There are many different designs [...]

The Evolution of Hipster

It seems the new fashion trends among young people emerging in the 1990s and 2000s were neverending, moving through mosher, chav, emo and indie. One of the most enduring styles though is that of hipster, which, while many of the other trends faded, has seemed only to grow and spread in recent years. So, let’s [...]