Selecting the right gearbox for the facility means a lot. However there are several gearbox types in the market which have made the choice difficult. They have also lead to serious issues such as when repair is required. However experts recommended specialized gearbox repair and service to get out of all issues. If the owners are well versed in gearbox terminologies then it is easy for them to determine that noise, backlash, pressure and torque are few factors which show that when maintenance is required. Some gearbox types are as follows:

  • Helical Gearbox

Some of the industries that have benefited from helical type are plastic, cement and rubber. Related industrial paraphernalia can be transported as it is found to be a very effective in this regard. The helical gearbox has a unique feature of tooth angling. Both teeth remain in constant contact with each other while the gearbox is working. The extruder helical gearboxes have proven to be the best in plastic industry as a great power is required in this sector. These gearboxes are also known for their low noise and maximum torque.

  • Worm Gearbox

If the power transmission is required at 90 degrees then this gearbox is used. The speed reduction ratio is greater which increases the efficiency. Worm gearbox comes with a wheel. The wheel shaft meshes with worm screw to create motion. As the name suggests the worm screw is just like an ordinary screw and the wheel resembles a nut. It is used in guitar tuning and elevator industry.

  • Spur gearbox

It is one of the most efficient gearboxes in the market. The teeth of these gearboxes are positioned in such a way that high gear ratio is obtained. The efficiency can be as high as 98% which is a very good figure as compared to other gearboxes in the market. However there are certain disadvantages which do not make spur gearbox a good choice at all. The first is that it creates a lot of noise which is sometimes unacceptable. Another issue is that spur gearbox cannot be used in swift jobs just because of sound it makes.

  • Planetary units

The first advantage of using this type is the high efficiency it gives. The second con is that these units are small in size and therefore they are easy to place. Installation is pretty easy and therefore it increases the overall torque as well. The planetary units are only used in high-performance jobs as they work swiftly. The best part of planetary units is that at any stage of the job they are fully capable for any customization which further increases their effectiveness.

  • Gear motors

It is another type of gear box that can be configured in any way industry wants. It can be helical gearbox as well as spur depending upon the situation. These are electrical powered and therefore the efficiency is increased. The installation of these units is also easy to perform which makes them any industry’s best friend. Predetermined results can be generated with this gearbox mechanism.