What does a Solvent Cleaning Machine help with in Industrial Cleaning?

Industrial cleaning involves a wide range of solutions which are used according to specific needs. Out of the many technologies available, the solvent cleaning machines turned out to be really effective.

But what makes the Firbimatic solvent systems so effective?

Let’s find out how they help in successful industrial cleaning.

Effectively Eliminate All Contaminants

The biggest advantage of a solvent industrial degreaser from this website  is that it can remove any and all types of contaminants. Other forms of industrial cleaning which use aqueous solutions may not be able to handle all debris and soil; you will need different types of chemicals and industrial detergents to get a satisfactory result.

Suitable for Geometrically Challenging Parts

Many parts and equipments have uneven surface which cannot be cleaned by spray washing. You may have to clean hard to reach areas like internal passageways, blinds, fine threads and other complex structures which can only be achieved with a solvent metal degreaser from this company standardindustrial , check them for more information.

Using various techniques like mechanical immersion with oscillation and vibrations the Firbimatic solvent systems get every speck of soil off your parts. The industrial washers are also equipped with ultrasonic technology to provide the mechanical catalyst required to rinse all contaminants off from complex internal areas of parts.

Geiss solvents also have greater wettability due to low surface friction which enables the liquid to flow in and out of geometrically complex parts for a thorough cleaning.

Multi-Stage Cleaning

Firbimatic industrial degreaser performs multi-stage cleaning depending on the type of solution you are using. The pre-wash stage uses spray technology to clean the surface off grime and grease.

Then the materials go through a full immersion cleaning utilizing spray or ultrasonic energy to provide the mechanical facilitation. You can also implement the spray jets if your cleaning process requires it.

The final cleaning stage uses solvent vapour to remove the remaining traces of soil from the parts and makes them ready for drying.

You can always expect a comprehensive cleaning that keeps your equipments and parts spotless!




Quick Drying for Instant Processing

Your business may require you to clean the parts and quickly send them for the next stage of processing. Firbimatic metal degreaser employs a drying phase after vapour cleaning the parts which sucks out all residual solvent vapour and makes the parts dry.

The process is quick and effective pacing up your manufacturing operations.

Cost Effective and Sustainable

The Firbimatic industrial solvent cleaning systems function in a tightly sealed environment under vacuum. It reduces the energy costs while making the process efficient and safe.

You can also benefit from the constant solvent recycling carried out by Firbimatic solutions in various stages of cleaning.

The contaminant laden solvent after the pre-wash stage is purified using fractional distillation in an internal unit. It is again mechanically filtered in the immersion cleaning phase and also stored in a secondary tank if required.

During drying, the solvent vapour is drawn through a refrigerated air cooler and also evaporated to purify it. In the end you actually spend very little solvent as most of it is purified and returned into the tanks for further use- offering you huge savings on solvent purchasing.